Association of MultiEthnic Americans

About AMEA

AMEA Vision

AMEA envisions a world where individuals and organizations collaborate to meet the needs of the multiethnic, multiracial transracial adoption community.

AMEA Mission

AMEA is an international association organizations dedicated to advocacy, education and collaboration on behalf the multiethnic, multiracial and transracial adoption community.

AMEA's mission is accomplished through three (3) primary objectives:

AMEA provides access to culturally competent resources by connecting service providers to clients.

AMEA facilitates collaboration between organizations dedicated to multiethnic, multiracial and transracial adoptee issues.

AMEA conducts needs assessments to identify and meet unmet needs and recognize new trends.

Get the Facts

Here is a brief two page fact sheet outlining AMEA (72kb Adobe Acrobat PDF.) Please click here if you need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Most of our activities occur at the local level. Local groups provide support, social and cultural events, forums, and valuable information.

During the years of our existence, (see An Outline History of AMEA), AMEA has won recognition from the media and government and continues to engage every opportunity to express our views and provide information on issues which concern our community, such as government form classifications, multiethnic/multiracial identity, multiracial parenting, health, education, transracial adoptions, etc. We have testified before Congress and participate in the federal government's Census 2000 Advisory Committee with respect to how our community is affected by not being acknowledged and counted accurately on government forms. We have sought out and received the support of academics and professionals who recognize the social-wide significance of our concerns.